Monday, December 2, 2013

Reflective Post

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Throughout this course I have created and engaged in activities I did not understand or didn’t know existed, such as, creating a blog, assist in creating a wiki, making a lesson plan, as well as creating a digital story. I feel better equipped for other classes now in regards to using technology, and of course better equipped as a future educator. The syllabus states students would develop an internet based project that uses technology, the WebQuest and the teacher website were two projects I completed that fall under that category. I had never heard of a WebQuest before and was concerned about being able to complete it, of course it wasn’t as tricky as I initially thought and I know now that is something I can recreate in the future.

One of my favorite projects this semester was the Pecha Kucha project. I had never heard of that type of Power Point project, I like that it gets to the point and cuts out the wordiness. I also love baking, and consequently eating so that was great for me choosing the topic of How to Make a Strawberry Pizza. I also liked that in most nights of class in the second half there was an interactive activity, I learn best when I actually do something and I liked being able to take back a new ability I did not have before, for example, learning to read and create QR codes. The day of class I was needing to read a QR code and had no idea how to do that, and appropriately enough I was able to learn how to read QR codes that night. As soon as I got home after class I began scanning every QR code I could find in my apartment, from the one on my Sonic cup, to the one on the box of Cheerios in my pantry.

An activity I enjoyed was learning about educational gaming websites. I really enjoyed learning about and, I shared both with my husband and we spent more time than we probably should have playing them. It’s a good thing you use your brain playing them. I found every project to be thoroughly explained and any questions that I had, in or out of class to be answered in a timely manner and I was brought to understand exactly what was expected of me. I can’t really think of any constructive criticism for this course, the course and how the information was presented worked for me and I feel like I have learned a lot that I will take away with me after this class ends.


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  1. It sounds like you learned quite a bit...and are ready to use all of your learning in your future classroom! :) I like that you emphasized the educational gaming - I definitely think that games and gaming will become an even more important infrastructure for learning in the future. Thanks for sharing! :)